Welcome to AutoTech

Autotech (Ripley) Ltd are well established, approved LPG Conversion Engineers based on Nottingham Road, Ripley, Derbyshire, and have been converting cars to LPG since 1999.

Not only will converting your vehicle to LPG provide a massive reduction in fuel costs, it will also reduce the harmful emissions that are produced by your vehicle, therefore you will be helping to save the environment.

There are many different manufacturers of gas systems available, and some are more efficient and reliable than others. The team at Autotech have experimented with numerous systems over the years, assessing them for functionality and reliability and the Prins and BRC systems are the best on the market. Reliability is most important, it would be false economy converting a car to LPG using a cheap, unreliable system, as these unreliable systems will quickly eat into your savings with the reduced MPG and the amount of time that you will spend returning to the installer with problems.

Many engines can be converted to LPG, but certain engines will require a valve lubrication system because LPG burns a lot cleaner than petrol, and therefore produces less carbon to lubricate the valve seats. The valve lubrication system is a simple product that injects an oil into the engine to protect and coat the engine valves and seats.

More than 9 million vehicles worldwide run on LPG. In the UK there are currently more than 1500 filling stations, including one at the Autotech premises - all offering LPG at approximately half the price of petrol and diesel. Details of these filling stations are readily available on the internet.

Autotech are not only LPG Conversion Engineers, they also carry out high performance engine tuning, specialist electronic design work, race car preparation and general vehicle servicing.

On site they have the latest digital eddy current Dyno Dynamics four wheel drive dynamometer (rolling road), so your vehicle can be very accurately calibrated and tested.